Here is a list of the commands on the server!

☖ Homes

/sethome NameOfHome - sets your current location as your home, after that you can do /home to teleport back there
/delhome NameofHome - deletes a home
/homes - shows a list of all your homes (if you have more than one home)

Teleportation and warps

/tpa - Ask to teleport to another player.
/tpaccept - Accept pending teleportation request from another player.
/tpahere - Ask another player to teleport to you.
/tptoggle - Allow/deny people asking to teleport to you.
/warp - Warp to a public warp (ex /warp bazaar)
/warps - Opens a menu where you can see all the available warps
/home - Teleports to your home (you have to do /sethome for it to work)
/rtp or /wild - Teleports you randomly in the wild (also works in the nether and in end dimensions)
/back - Takes you back to the place you died or were last at.
/spawn - Takes you back to spawn

For info on how to manage warps manage /warps help (in game)

$ Tradeshops

Place a sign on a container and type [trade] on the 1st line
/ts setproduct - Have the item(s) that you want to sell in your hand, look at the sign and type /ts setproduct
/ts setcost - Have the currency you'd like to get from selling in your hand and type /ts setcost
/ts open - Opens your shop.
/ts close - Closes your shop.
/ts addmanager - Adds a manager who can access the shop


Take a golden shovel (any golden shovel will work) and right-click the ground in the corner you want to claim, then right-click the other corner and it's claimed.

/kit starter - Get a gold shovel
/claimslist - Shows the coordinates of all your claims.
/trust - Gives the player permissions to do build in the claim you are standing in
/containertrust - Gives permission to use containers, animals and villagers.
/accesstrust - Gives permissions to use buttons, levers, doors, trapdoors etc.
/permissiontrust - Gives permissions to give others permissions in your claim.
/claimexplosions on - Allows explosions in your claim.
/claimexplosions off - Disables explosions in your claim.
/untrust - Untrusts the player and deletes all of their permissions from the claim.
/unclaim - Stand in your claim and it'll delete that claim from you.


With the golden shovel in your hand and type /subdivideclaim, you then enter subdivision mode, use your shovel as usual, but inside your claim.
You can create different permissions for different subclaims. To exit this mode do /basicclaims

Private messages

/msg player - Sends that player a private message
/r - Sends a message to the last player you have sent a private message.
/mail send - Sends a mail to the player, they will see it when they log on.
/mail read - Shows you your unread mails.
/mail clear - Clears your mailbox.
/ignore - Ignores a players messages in the main chat and in private messages.
/ignorelist - Shows a list of players that you have ignored.
/unignore - Unignores a player that you have ignored before.


/vote - Opens a menu where you can see all the voting sites.
/vall - Gives you all the voting links in chat.
/vtotal - Shows the amount of votes you have in total.
/vnext - Shows the remaning time before you can vote again on each site

☠ Pvp

/pvp on - Toggles player versus player on so you can fight with them.
/pvp off - Toggles player versus player off so you cannot get hurt by a player anymore.

Fun and useful

/sit - Makes you sit.
/lay and /crawl - Lays you on the floor
/afk - Shows that you are away from keyboard (automatically toggles that on after 5 minutes of not moving)
/realname - Shows the IGN of a player who has a nickname.
/trapped - If you're stuck
/chestsort on - Alphabetically sorts items in containers when opened.
/chestsort off - Disables chestsort.
/invsort - Alphabetically sorts items in your inventory
/givepet - Gives your pet to another player. After typing that, right-click the pet you want to transfer to them.

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