Huge thanks to Aeyfurr who designed and built the Bazaar, and too to every person who helped; Izeman82, Spilled, Candy, NoaGalimm, Jennnii, Nemo, Nova, Narni, Andraz and Marsss! ♥


/Bazaar will take you to the Bazaar hub, set on a homemade custom map. From which you will be able to go through portals to 7 different themed districts or use /pw Dis[District].
Each district has 3 separate themes and each theme has around 2 of each size of shop/plot. Don't hesitate to look them up on the dynmap!

General Rules

No shops outside of the Bazaar
1 plot per person, no exemptions. Multiple players can share a plot.
Playerwarps names should not start by "dis".
You are encouraged to name your PWs "shop [NameOfTheShop]". So all shops can be found with "/pw shop" then TAB.
● Plots are given by staff and cannot be sold.
Offensive or NSFW related items are forbidden.
● No beacons, farms, spawners or portals.
● Shop may be revoked after a month of inactivity or a week without stock.
   (create a ticket on discord for an extension)
You are not allowed to change or add to the outside of shops with a few exceptions:
    - banners/carpets
    - light items/blocks
    - signs/item frames
    - armour stands
    - plants
You can fully customize/rebuild the interiors.
● On creative plots, no cobble/dirt boxes, make your shop look nice!

How to get a shop

Once you have read the rules and make sure you have the corresponding rank; choose an unoccupied plot and ask a staff member to /trust you on it. If your shop is still empty after a week it will be revoked.
Shops/Plots have a sign indicating their size.
Unoccupied shops/plots
are indicated by concrete blocks, see image below:

How to set a tradeshop

1 ● Place a sign on the container and write [trade] on the first line.
2 ● While looking at the sign, hold the item to sell and type /ts setproduct.
3 ● While looking at the sign, hold the currency you want to use and type /ts setcost.

Additional commands:
● Adjust with /addproduct and /addcost
● To allow a user to restock items: /ts addmember username
● To allow a user full access to a container tradeshop: /ts addmanager username
● To see what a tradeshop is selling or buying: /ts what

Shop Sizes

● Small Shops/Stalls
Be at least Neophyte rank.
Max. Tradeshops*: 10
Max. Item Frames: 10
Max. Armour Stands: 4

● Medium Shops/Plots
Be at least Hoplite or Patron rank.
Max. Tradeshops*: 40
Max. Item Frames: 20
Max. Armour Stands: 10

● Large Shops/Plots
Be at least Hero or Champion rank.
Max. Tradeshops*: 70
Max. Item Frames: 30
Max. Armour Stands: 20

*double chests counts for 2


Submerged District
Theme 1: Ice
Theme 2: Boats
Theme 3: Underwater

Luxury District
1: City Buildings
2: Modern
3: Stalls

Purgatory District
1: Nether
2: Graveyard
3: Ender

Eccentric District
1: Ancient Greece
2: Asia
3: Steampunk

Medieval District
1: Deepslate Roof
2: Dark Prismarine Roof
3: Copper Roof

Fantasy District
1: Mushrooms
2: Hobbit
3: Sand Elves

Creative District
No themes, players create their own shops.

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