Rules are here to keep the community a safe place to play in as well as maintain the server stability.
Thanks for respecting them and allowing everyone to have a fun time together!
Do not threaten or intimidate people with bans/warns/kicks or try enforcing punishment yourself.

Community Rules

♥ No Griefing ♥
Do not grief or steal, even in unclaimed areas. Scamming is also punishable.

♥ No troll or obnoxious builds ♥
Do not build inappropriate things and do not build or claim close to other players without asking permission first

♥ Be friendly ♥
Do not instigate fights, cause drama in chat or intentionally annoy people.
The same applies to bringing up controversial topics with the intent to elicit an inflammatory response.

♥ Be Respectful ♥
Respect all players; be considerate of the feelings and opinions of others.
Do not be rude when asking staff or other players for assistance.
Respect decisions and requests of staff.

♥ Do not cause trouble ♥
We strive to be a chill and friendly community troublemakers are not welcome.
Players who constantly toe the line of the rules may be punished.
New players who troll the chat will most of the time be banned.

♥ No impersonation or enforcing rules yourself ♥
Do not try to impersonate any other player or staff.
Do not threaten or intimidate people with bans/warns/kicks or try to enforce punishment yourself.

Chat Rules

❀ Be civil and ethical ❀
No hate speech is tolerated (eg. racism, sexism or homophobia).

❀ No spamming ❀
Spam can consist of but not limited to:
- Sending multitudes of messages in a very short time frame
- Caps locking
- Countdowns
- Sending emojis/files in-game from the Discord
- Excessive begging.

❀ Be Sensible ❀
Sensitive subjects like politics, religion or mental health are to be handled with care or avoided.

❀ Swearing ❀
Moderate and reasonable cursing is allowed.

❀ No explicit/NSFW or illegal content ❀
Don't make people uncomfortable and remember you are playing with young people.

❀ No ads/poaching ❀
Do not do advertising of any kind and do not message player or staff to join you on another server.

❀ Write in English ❀

Gameplay Rules

✮ Don't cheat ✮
No hack, auto-clicker, X-ray or any kind of glitch exploit.

✮ Do not trap or kill other players without their consent ✮

✮ No alts ✮
They give an unfair advantage.

✮ Respect the afk kick ✮
No afk pools or anything bypassing the afk kick.

✮ Pets ✮
For their safety, please do not leave pets in public areas.

War and PVP Rules

❈ All parties involved have to consent ❈
Do not try to bypass the PVP protection by using lava or any other means.

❈ No collateral damages and griefs are allowed ❈

❈ PVP at your own risk ❈
Staff will not restore your inventory or builds lost in the process.

❈ Do not take over the chat ❈
If the conflict affects the server's mood we will ask you to stop.

Lag Rules
No more than three of any restricted mechanics in one chunk (e.g., villagers, spawners, item frames, and redstone).

⋈ Entity Rules ⋈
- No entity cramming (forcing too many entities into a given area, e.g. more than 6 entities in a 6 block area)
- Max 4 villagers in a single chunk
- Max 8 villagers in a 2x2 chunk area

⋈ Block Rules ⋈
- Max 2 spawners in one chunk
- Max 125 containers in one chunk (double chest count as two)
- Max 15 armour stands in one chunk
- Max 30 item frames in one chunk

⋈ Redstone Rules ⋈
- No flying machines
- Max 20 active redstone blocks (e.g. hoppers, pistons, droppers etc)
- Max 20 repeaters, comparators or redstone lamps in one chunk
- Max 40 active redstone blocks in a 2x2 chunk area


3 warns ⟹ You are kicked from the server. You can still join again right after.
4 warns ⟹ You are ban temporarily from the server for 30 minutes.
5 warns ⟹ You are ban temporarily from the server for 5 hours.
6 warns ⟹ You are ban temporarily from the server for 7 days.
7 warns ⟹ You are ban temporarily from the server for 1 month.
10 warns ⟹ You are permanently banned from the server.

Warns are given for minor offences only. Major breach of the rules will directly result in more severe punishment.
Any instance of hack/auto-clicker/X-ray or any kind of exploit will immediately result in a permanent days ban.
If you feel like you've been unjustly punished, please #open-ticket on the discord.

    To prevent griefs remember to claim your builds/chests. Mods will not rollback items if they were not in a claimed area.
    PVP, Raids, fights against the Ender Dragon or Wither are done at your own risk!

    *Bans/Warns/Mutes are for your account. It is your account and you are responsible for it, whoever broke the rules on it does not matter.*

    ⟹ If you have a question, need help or want to appeal a ban/mute, please open a #tickets on the Discord
    We receive a lot of pms in game and it can be hard to follow. This is a way to have your issue resolved more efficiently 
    Please do not send pms to the staff team on discord. Respect their privacy and time ♥